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Super Food - Seed Mix

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.....or Anyone who wants to stay healthy or Slimmer.....
.....Chuck your Vitamin Pills & Get Natural Vitamins & Lots More.....

GENESIS 'All the Seeds in the field are Good' Genesis 1:29. Get all the goodies you need from this formulated natural food. A mix of 11 seeds and nuts... it is made up of Almonds, Psyllium, Pepitas, Linseed, Lecithin, Sesame Seeds, Brewers Yeast, Wheatgerm, Sunflower Kernals, Chia and pure Cocoa.
If you suffer from a health problem this nutritious food will help you. If you are a vegetarian this will make life much better for you and enable you to escape the anaemia many vegetarians suffer. If you are overweight this will help you by eating high protein, low carb and low GI diet. If you are healthy now help keep yourself that way. One packet will last a man 20 days and ladies about 30 days. This replaces all breakfast cereal and will provide twice as much energy as a plate of Weeties etc. Also all essential minerals and vitamins.

Genesis Health... Seed and Nut Mix.....800 grams
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