1/ Freight

1.1 Is the freight rate for each plant or for the whole order?

Answer. The freight & packing rate is for the whole order.

1.2 How long does it take to get to my place & do the plants survive?

Answer. They get there quickly (see freight & packing section for details) & arrive in good condition & are guaranteed to do so.

1.3 How are they sent?

Answer. They are sent by Australia Post 'Parcel Post'.

1.4 After I send my order when can I expect to receive my plants?

Answer. We are usually able to send orders that have been received & paid for by the preceding Friday on the following Monday or Tuesday. (excluding WA & NT....see below & freight section)


2/ Packing

2.1 How are they packed.

Answer. Each plant is individually prepared so it will not dry out, remain in its pot and remain in tact for the trip. Your plants are then laid horizontally in recycled cardboard cartons and surrounded with shredded paper......so they will not move even with the rough treatment they might receive in transit.

2.2 How long can they survive in the freight systems?

Answer. They are prepared & packed to travel the world & back if need be. Orders to remote parts of N-W Australia can take 8-10 days to get there but still arrive in good condition. An occasional order (not picked up by receiver) has taken longer to 2.5 weeks & still plants will arrive in good condition....although some may drop some foliage.


3/ Guarantee- Refunds & Returns

3.1 What does your guarantee cover?

Answer. Our unique guarantee means that if your plant dies within one month of sending we will either replace it with the same or plant of similar value of your choice or send a refund.

The guarantee is cognisant of the plant being suitable for the area & that the purchaser has applied normal plant sense in caring for the plant.

3.2 What do I do if my plant dies & I cared for it correctly?

Answer. Just email us at angelicainspirata@gmail.com


4/ WA, TAS & NT Orders

4.1 Are you authorized to send plants to Western Australia, Tasmania & the Northern Territory?

Answer. Yes we do the necessary treatments, inspections & documentation. This is a very time consuming, expensive & intricate process for us & involves red tape & liaison with Dept of Agriculture in WA and Tas & Dept of Primary Industries in QLD & NT. We are one of the very few nurseries happy to do the process.

4.2 When do you send to WA & NT?

Answer. We need to do all the orders in one batch in order to keep the DPI inspection charges ($250 per hour when you add their travel time) under control.

We send every 3 weeks & advertise the dates on our website. The plants leave on a Monday.

4.3 How long do they take to get to WA, Tas & the NT?

Answer. They usually arrive the following Tuesdays or Wednesday. To remoter areas they may be 2 or 3 days longer but usually in the same week. Even if they do not arrive to the following week the plants should be OK.

4.4 Does your freight charge include Quarantine Inspection costs?

Answer. Yes it does. There is an inspection at our end for WA, NT and Tas. The reason WA cost is higher is because we have to pay for an additional expensive inspection in Perth.