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Allium chinense - Rakkyo, Asian Onion

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RAKKYO - Asian Onion

(30cmEdAbcD) Allium chinense. The bulb and narrow leaves are eaten raw or cooked. The bulb will have a crisp texture and will taste like onion. The whole plant is astringent, carminative and expectorant. It is used in the treatment of stuffiness sensation and pain in the chest, angina pectoris, pleurisy, bronchitis, diarrhoea and tenesmus in cases of dysentery. Regarded as a plant for general health if added to your diet. Lovely mauve flowers on 30 cm stalks in spring and summer. Native to Asia and popular in South East Asian, Chinese and Japanese cooking. Prefers well drained soil, will tolerate poor soil. Full sun. Multistemmed in 75mm pots.

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